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Frequently Asked Questions for 2020 Season

Will there be a 2020 season with all of the COVID19 concerns?

For cheer, are there any changes for the 2020 season?

  • YES - normal cheer registration ends May 15, with late registration ending May 31.
  • UNIFORMS - Please review all of the information here

What is provided for the registration fee?

  • Covers league costs, such as referees, insurance and field maintenance 
  • Game jersey and helmet decal

What additional equipment is needed to purchase?

  • Flag Division (5/6 year olds) – Cleats, mouthpiece and game shorts (more details to come)
  • New, Older Flag Division (7/8 year olds) - Soft-shell helmet, cleats, mouthpiece and game shorts.
    • The size information is listed on our GFL store for these helmets - there is also an additional link that contains more details. All parents must purchase one of the two soft-shell helmets from this online store. These helmets come with a mouthpiece and backpack sling as part of a package.
  • Tackle Division – Helmet, game pants, shoulder pads, practice pants and jersey, cleats and mouthpiece.

Are the speed and conditioning sessions only for GFL participants?

  • NO - All boys and girls ages 5-12 are welcome to come and participate in the speed, agility, and conditioning sessions led by our very own "Coach Sip" Matt Sipniewski (NSCA CSCS certified).  You do not have to participate in any sports for these.
  • These are informal and no need to register online.  Show up and it's $5 cash and carry per session since the GFL is sponsoring this event.
  • We encourage you to wear cleats if available, otherwise sneakers will be acceptable.

What time are tackle clinics and where are they held?

  • 6:00 - approximately 7:15
  • The clinics will be held on the GFL game fields – Bob Hailey Athletic Complex 

Who may attend the tackle clinics and does my son have to attend?

  • Any registered GFL player may attend the clinic
  • Players registered for the flag division should not attend the tackle clinics - we encourage all flag participants to come to as many speed and conditioning sessions instead.
  • Clinics are highly recommended for all tackle players if available to attend – each clinic is open to any registered player - we have two non-experienced clinic dates and two with experience clinic dates and encourage you to make both of them if available.
  • Clinics will be divided based on experience 
  • There is no fee for the clinics
  • Cleats and mouthpiece are only equipment needed

How do I add a 2nd email to our account - can the GFL do this for us?

  • The GFL is not able to add contacts to your account, it has to be done on our website from the account who registered the player.  
  • Please follow this help article which explains how to add a 2nd email.  If you have any trouble, call or live chat with SportsEngine and they will assist.

What days and times will our team practice?

  • Coaches are able to set their own schedule, but are limited on the amount of practice per week per the chart below.
  • A typical schedule would be two practices and 1 game per week.
  • The first two weeks of the season teams are allowed to practice more often as well as on the weekend if requested.

What is the maximum amount of practice time per week?

  • The 5/6 Year Old Flag Division is allowed up to 4 hours per week, although at this age most do not reach that amount.
  • After the initial two weeks, practice times will follow this chart for the remainder of the season:

When and what time are games?

  • Wednesday and Saturday are our normal game days (make-up days may be scheduled for another day of the week)
  • Times on Wednesday are 6:00 and 7:30
  • Times on Saturday are 9:30, 11:00, 12:30.  There may be occasions where a 2:00 start time is necessary.

When will the schedule be available?

  • Schedule will be available shortly after the first week of practice. It will be posted to the website