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Playoff Time!!!!
"If anyone loves Me he will keep My word. My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him".
                        -John 14:23
Well, this year is over for most, and almost over for the rest. I hope everyone has had a fun time playing with us this year, and I hope you all will come back for more fun next year. Here are the results we have so far.

Super Bowl
The Raging River Rats vs. The Fooville Bludgers

The Rats have been the odds on favorite for the latter part of the year, and with the caliber of players they have, and the fact that Fooville has a player on their active roster who is on IR, I dont see how the Rats dont add a trophy to thier case this year! Looks like the elder Polk may get two trophies this year!!

Child's Play defeated Possumtown Kickers
to win their first GFL trophy. Congrats to Chuck on a season well played and thanks for all of your ideas for the league!!

The Dragons defeated The Sinister Ministers
to win their first Trophy in the GFL and this is also their first year playing in our league. Glad I didnt bet against the Dragons. Looks like we didnt have any repeat champs this year, but there is a twist that is coming up!!

to win the trophy for this league. Mark had owned the THUGS all season, but in the end, it only matters what you do in the playoffs. The Commish may not have repeated in the GFL#1, but this trophy works just fine for me!!! A special thanks to Rick Prall who originally drafted this team, and who also had a chance to take this team as his own.....Mucho Gracias!!!!

THE KONTRACT KILLAS defeated Team Edmonson
in a lopsided victory, but Aaron, the good news is that you still did better than your dad!! And yes folks, that's right, the Commish won TWO Trophies this year! Dont be a hater!! Some day you all can be this good!!!

GFL #6
The Thunda defeated Posiedons Apprentice
To win the inaugrial GFL Junior League. Like I said last week, I thought the Thunda drafted the best team in this class, and it looks like they came on strong at just the right time. Congratulations Cole on a great season!!

I will be back next week with the final results of the GLF#1 SuperBowl. I hope each and every one of you has a very Merry Christmas and may God bless each and every one of you!!
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